Supercharge your selling power with Google and Repricer in 2021

  • Our Google Integration for Repricer lets you push your products direct to the Shopping tab in 6 easy steps.
  • Be seen by 100s of millions of customers with product ads that convert 30% better than text ads.
  • Drive ready-to-buy traffic to your own webstore!
Free setup. No agency fees. No commissions.
“xSellco saved us tens of thousands of pounds in agency fees and unlocked £60,000 in ancillary revenue through Smart Shopping Campaigns”
Gemma Andrews, Co-Founder @
Gemma Andrews
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Did you know??

Our Google for Retail integration is the biggest opportunity of 2021. Products from the Shopping Tab will appear at the top of Google Search. This is an unmissable opportunity to reach huge new audiences. Don’t miss out!

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Integrate with your existing sales channels

Easily manage your listings from Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce and WooCommerce webstores.

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Want Smart Ads but don’t want agency fees?

We’ll help you set up and run Google Smart Ad campaigns to provide greater visibility for your products, and to put you front and center in shoppers’ Google search results. Set daily spends from as little as $5.

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Track your results without leaving Repricer

Track Smart Shopping campaign performance and adjust budgets without leaving Repricer. See your exact return on investment at any time.


Bypass the learning-curve!

Yes, you told us that adding products to the Google Merchant Centre can be tricky. So we got together with Google to create an integration that helps you get started and drive traffic to your website faster!

Here are just some of the things you’ll access:

  • Get listed in 48 hours
  • xSellco staff will help set you up for free
  • List products for organic search; not just ads
  • Direct ROI visibility
  • No agency fees or silly commissions on sales
Onboarding Demo

View a Google for Retail onboarding demonstration from our Head of Customer Success.

New to Google advertising?

Create a new Google Ads account with the Google channel and we’ll match your ad spend up to €120 for the first 30 days.

Your customer—your sale

Selling on Amazon and eBay can be effective but it’s hard to establish loyalty, repeat business or long-term connections with customers. With Google Campaigns, you’re acquiring customers for your webstores, where you have the freedom and flexibility to engage with them and build loyalty and repeat sales over time.

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Save big time — $199 per month

Grow all you want. No commissions or increasing price plans based on your
sales—and no agency setup costs.

Repricer Google offer
  • Get listed in 48 hours
  • Manage centrally from Repricer
  • Amazon/webstore integration
  • ROI visibility
  • Easily optimize listings
  • Free, managed setup
Unlock The Power of Google Selling

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Turbo-charge your selling power with Google
and Repricer in 2021!

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Free setup. No agency fees. No commissions.