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repricer for ebay
repricer for ebay

Reprice in Real Time

Build or customize winning repricing strategies that suit your business

Find out why and how your competitors are winning against you, then target them with specific rules that make sure you win back the sale. On Amazon, compete differently with FBA, MFN, SFP, Buy Box winners and Amazon itself. Reprice on both catalogue and non-catalogue eBay products.


Beat competitors with super-fast repricing

The faster you react to market changes, that better your chances of making a sale. Repricer.com reacts to changes your competitors make in 90 seconds, giving you the best possible chance of making that sale.

Reprice in Real Time

Super-charge your selling power with Google Campaigns

Our Google Integration for Repricer lets you push your products direct to the Google Campaigns tab in six easy steps. Reach out to millions of customers with product ads that convert 30% better than text ads. Easily manage your listings from Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce and WooCommerce webstores. Learn more.

Maximise profits with net-margin repricing

How it works

upload costs

Upload product costs

Enter your costs and measure the net margin on your SKUs, or if you’re using Linnworks you can sync it with Repricer.com to do so automatically.

Margin badge

Decide profit margins

Enter your minimum and maximum product margins to guarantee you sell at a profit. We’ll maximise your profit when opportunities arise such as when competitors are out of stock or when you’re already the Buy Box winner.

low quality sellers

Exclude low-quality sellers

If low-quality sellers are pushing your price down you can ignore them and sell at higher profits. Select the retailers you want to ignore and we’ll ensure they don’t affect your price changes.

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Get actionable analytics

Repricer.com analyses your performance and recommends actions that will increase your sales. You can also analyse your sales volume, Buy Box, and profit margin by marketplace.

repricer integrations

Manage pricing across Amazon, eBay and many more

Make Repricer.com your one stop pricing hub by connecting all your sales channels, including Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopify and more. Sync your entire inventory and automatically manage prices to achieve consistent pricing across channels or create rules to price higher or lower on certain channels. See all Integrations.

“Repricer.com is an incredibly powerful tool. It’s one of the best things that has happened to my business. It holds the Buy Box for so much longer than any other repricer on the market. It more than pays for itself!”

Gemma Andrews, Superfood Market
Gemma Andrews using Repricer

Create your winning formula with the most
powerful and complete Repricing tool

Kick-start Repricer

Adjust your price to make competitors react, then use Repricer.com’s superior speed to win the Buy Box.

Bux Box Chaser

Price more aggressively when you’re not in the Buy Box until you win it back.

Buy Box Optimizer

Nudge your price up when you’re in the Buy Box, so you maximise profit.

Velocity Repricer

Automatically adjust prices to ensure you keep your stock moving when there’s no competition on a product listing.

Suppressed Buy Box

Create a strategy for how you want to compete when Amazon suppresses (removes) the Buy Box from a listing

Automations (Coming soon)

Change repricing strategy automatically based on factors such as sales history, Buy Box performance, stock levels and a host of other criteria.

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