Get Q4 Ready With Amazon Prime Day 2

Amazon Prime Day is an excellent opportunity for eCommerce businesses to increase their sales and maximize their profits. With Amazon’s second Prime Day of 2023 coming up on October 10-11th, there’s plenty of time to start preparing and improving the visibility of your brand. Prime Day is usually a once-a-year event, but this year you […]

EU Amazon Prime Eligibility Updates: What Sellers Need To Know

eu amazon prime eligibility updates

Recently, Amazon has come to an agreement with the European Commission to make significant changes to its Prime eligibility and badge criteria, as well as its Buy Box offer display. These updates are set to take effect in June 2023 and will affect sellers in several countries across the EU, including Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, […]

Product Update – December 2022

product update December 2022

We’re now into Q1 of 2023 and excited about the new features and improvements we have planned for the year ahead. However, for now, we’ll take a look at what we’ve been up to towards the end of Q4 2022. SP-API Migration Complete First off, we have now fully completed our SP-API (Selling-Partner API) migration. […]

Product Update – October 2022

product update October 2022

We’re now halfway through Q4 with the busiest time of year right around the corner. Sellers are now preparing their businesses for greater traffic and sales resulting in a very profitable end of year. We understand the sheer amount of work and effort that goes into creating a successful eCommerce business, and so, here at […] Integrates With Amazon Belgium integrates with amazon belgium

Following the announcement of Amazon’s new marketplace, Amazon Belgium on 28th July 2022, sellers have been signing up to create and scale a successful business of their very own. At, we want to create the greatest opportunity for sellers to increase sales and maximize their profits by optimizing their product prices to stay competitive […]

Product Update – September 2022

product update september 2022

We’re now into Q4 of 2022 and the eCommerce industry is in full boom. Here at Repricer, we want our customers to get the best experience possible where they can see a consistent rise in their sales and profits through this busy period. Here is what we have been up to over the month of […]

Product Update – August 2022

product update August 2022

We’re now at the end of Q3 and getting ready for the busy eCommerce season of Q4. Here at Repricer, the team have been working hard to deliver the all-in-one repricing tool for our customers to enjoy. Here is what we have been up to in August: SP-API SP-API is a API-based automation functionality that […]

How to Easily List Products on Google Shopping With

Google Shopping repricer

For online sellers, having your products listed on Google Shopping is a no-brainer. Google Shopping allows ecommerce sellers to sell their products on Google Search. When a customer searches Google for a product, Google Shopping listings are often the first thing they see. This is a huge advertising opportunity for online sellers. In a previous […]

Product Update – July 2022

Repricer-Product Update July 2022

Another month has gone by and we’re now over halfway through the year. Over July the team here at Repricer have continued to make ongoing improvements to the product by making it more well-rounded and user-friendly. Here’s what we’ve been up to: SP-API SP-API is a API-based automation functionality that allows Amazon selling partners programmatic […]

Amazon Belgium – The 21st Amazon Marketplace

amazon belgium

Amazon has just announced plans to open its virtual doors within Belgium with its own dedicated marketplace, It seemed there were problems in obtaining the address which has been occupied for years by a Belgian insurance company. Nonetheless, is here and soon-to-be ready for the Belgium market. When will this happen? Officially, […]