Shopify vs Amazon: Comparison Guide for 2024

Shopify Alternatives

Amazon and Shopify are both key players in the growth of ecommerce, making ecommerce selling increasingly accessible and beneficial for small and large businesses. While Amazon is still the clear winner when it comes to the volume of traffic hitting the platform with them having over 2.5 billion monthly visits, Shopify is not too far […]

5 Best Shopify Stores to Draw Inspiration From in 2022

Shopify Stores

Maybe you’re getting tired of only selling on Amazon and want to branch out elsewhere, like on Shopify. But with a different interface and learning curve, it can be tough to get started. has profiled some of the best Shopify stores out there, as well as included tips in what you need to strive […]

5 Best Shopify Alternatives for an Amazing Online Store

Shopify Alternatives

Guest post by Jessica Bruce from ShopyGen  As of now, Shopify is one of the most used ecommerce platforms on the planet and has been powering over 600,000 ecommerce stores on the internet. Whether you are a solo entrepreneur, a small business with limited investment, or a big brand looking to sell its limited inventory […]

12 Best Shopify Apps For Your Shopify Store in 2022

Best Shopify Apps

Starting a Shopify store can be as simple as signing up and throwing products on there, but you’d never buy a car without knowing how to drive it first. And because there’s more than one way to gain those skills, has gathered the best Shopify apps that can help make your store a success […]