How Amazon Repricing Works

and how long it takes...

how amazon repricing works


A price changes on Amazon

The repricing process begins when one of the top 20 sellers on your product with the same condition (new, used, collectible or refurbished) changes any of the following:
• Their price
• Shipping price
• Buy Box eligibility
• Handling time
• Product condition
• List to ASIN
• Delist from ASIN
Notifications are also triggered if one of these sellers wins or loses the Buy Box.


Amazon sends a Notification to Repricer

When a change is made to a product (Any of the top 20 sellers, including yourself) Amazon will send Repricer a notification with the price, and seller information of all top 20 sellers.
Amazon does not send a notification for products inactive or out-of-stock on their platform.


Data is instantly processed and a new price is calculated

Repricer will analyse the top 20 seller’s data and pricing information and compare this against your repricing rule. It will then calculate a new price.
Amazon notifies you via e-mail if your product is deactivated.


Safety checks are performed

Repricer will perform a series of checks on your new price to ensure it’s within your min and max values (floor and ceiling prices).


New price is uploaded to Amazon

When your new price is checked and verified, Repricer uploads it to Amazon for processing and adding to its marketplace.
Repricer uploads price changes every 2 minutes which is as fast as Amazon allows. If your product is in Test Mode, this is where the life cycle ends.


Amazon's Pricing Error System checks new price

When Amazon receives the new price, they will compare it against your Amazon Min Max Prices. If your price falls outside of these, or Amazon’s pricing error system deems the price too low or too high, your product could be deactivated and flagged as having a potential pricing error.
Amazon notifies you via e-mail if your product is deactivated.


New price is live on Amazon

When your price is processed and checked by Amazon against the Min/Maxs you have set (or against its own algorithms if not) it is then listed as your current price on Amazon.


Process is repeated 24/7

This repricing process will continually repeat 24/7 any time one of the top 20 offers for a product on Amazon changes.

Repricing does not run on individual listings if they are:
inactive or out-of-stock on Amazon, or have not had a rule or Min Max Price set in Repricer