Assisted Setup

From Repricing Experts

Our dedicated repricing experts are here to help you set up and use Repricer for maximum sales and profitability.

14 day trial | No credit card required | Guided setup

Assisted Setup

Complete guided setup

Our repricing experts are on hand to help with your setup and stay with you for the first few months to get the most out of using Repricer.

Get a personalized walkthrough

Let one of our experts provide a guided walkthrough of Repricer to show how you can increase your sales and profits. Book a demo today!

Help grow your business

Our experts can help you setup advanced repricing features, add more channels and help take your business to the next level.

Always here to help

If you need more information on how to get the most from Repricer, we're always here to help via live chat and support centre 24/7.