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Repricer Dashboard 2.0

The Repricer Dashboard serves as your gateway to understanding Repricer and maximizing the benefits of our service. In response to your valuable feedback, we have meticulously reconstructed it, introducing fresh modules, enhanced features, and insightful data. 

Explore your revamped Dashboard today within Repricer.

Best Sellers

Leverage Repricer to swiftly identify and assess your top-performing Products. Repricer will seamlessly organize these high-demand items, showcasing them prominently on your Repricer Dashboard as Best Sellers. And the best part? You can effortlessly filter for these products directly from the Product Screen, where the Best Seller repricing status is now prominently displayed.

Hop into Repricer and see your best-selling products here.

Sales Attribution

Know where your sales are coming from with Repricer. With Repricer’s new Sales Attribution, you gain visibility into sales generated from repricing activities. Dive into detailed breakdowns by marketplace, rule type, Buy Box ownership, or fulfilment method. It’s a powerful tool.

Explore your Sales Attribution breakdown on your Repricer Dashboard.


 Leverage Repricer’s innovative Sellout feature to pinpoint products that were Best Sellers in the past week but have now gone out of stock. Swiftly take action to replenish them, as missing out on sales is not an option!

Get started with your Sellouts module on the Repricer Dashboard.

Dashboard Chart History

Information is power, and with Repricer, you can now meticulously track your sales and profitability performance over the past year. Additionally, access the Buy Box and Repricing event history for the last 30 days.

Checkout these new improved charts on your Repricer Dashboard.

Buy Box Near Misses

 Identifying when you’re being uncompetitive for the Buy Box has just become a whole lot easier. Using Repricer’s Buy Box Near Misses feature you can easily filter for products where your Minimum Price is higher than the Buy Box Price but within 3%. That means you can quickly identify and update these products, putting yourself back in the running for the Buy Box.

This powerful new feature is live on your account now, and available via our Product Screen filter.

Reports API

Enterprise users like to automate as much as possible, at Repricer we understand this. We have upgraded our API so you can now request and download any of our Repricer Reports without ever logging into Repricer. Schedule, request or download reports on demand today with this powerful Expert plan feature.

Learn more about the API and how to get started here.

Automation Trigger - Stock Cover

To allow you to better ensure Stock Cover, Repricer have added a brand new Automation Trigger to ensure you never go out of stock. Automatically move your products to less agressive rules when we detect they’re going to go out of stock, or to more agressive rules when cover is abundent. That’s one more thing Repricer can handle, leaving you to focus on running your business.

Learn more about Automations and how to use them here.

Request Feedback & Reviews

Sellers with higher Positive Feedback get more Buy Boxes, all sellers know this to be true. Repricer’s new Automated Feedback Request feature will automatically request Feedback and Reviews from your buyers without you lifting a finger. Learn more about using this feature here.


Repricer Feedback is now included on all Repricer plans. Login to get started today!

Monitor Amazon Feedback

Amazon Seller Feedback and ensuring you’re on top of any negative Seller Feedback is vital to ensuring that you secure the Buy Box. Repricer now makes it easier than ever to manage your Negative Feedback, quickly review and respond. Remember, if you resolve the issue with the buyer quickly you can reduce the impact on your metrics.

Repricer Feedback is now included on all Repricer plans. Login to get started today!

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