Repricing features that get you the Buy Box

Monitor competitor price changes 24 x 7, React automatically in seconds

14 day trial | No credit card required | Guided setup


Sell more at higher profits

Covers all Amazon Marketplaces

Repricer works on all 21 international Amazon marketplaces. There are no additional charges to reprice in multiple geographies.

Net-margin repricing

Make a profit on every sale. Enter your costs, so you will only sell at your target profit margin.


Change your repricing strategy automatically based on factors such as sales history, Buy Box performance, stock levels, fulfilment and a host of other criteria.


Raise your game during quiet periods of the week by scheduling time-specific rules that optimize your repricing strategy.

Price up and down

Price upwards when the competitive environment allows, such as when competitors go out of stock, increase their prices, and when you’re the Buy Box winner.

Amazon Buy Box predictor

Identify products with a high and low probability of winning the Buy Box and take action.

Velocity Repricing

Change your prices based on stock levels. Sell more aggressively when stock levels are high and increase prices when your stock goes below a preselected level.

Sync across eBay, webstores & more

Connect and sync your pricing strategy across eBay, Magento, Walmart, Shopify, Mirakl, BigCommerce, Woocommerce, and more.


Quick and hassle-free to set up, easy to use​

Pre-defined strategies

Get started in minutes with our repricing strategy templates. Our Buy Box experts have created 7 pre-defined strategies to help you win.

Bulk actions

Manage large volumes of inventory easily. Using bulk actions, you can simply add SKUs, assign repricing rules and your min/max price ranges.

Works out of the box

Repricer is made for Amazon and works with your existing software, so it’s ready to work straight away.

Actionable dashboards

The Repricer dashboard will tell you how many times you priced up and down each day and how many often you won or maintained the Buy Box.

Search, filter, sort

Quickly find and evaluate products with our powerful search functionality, filters and sort options.

Consistent pricing on all sales channels

Replicate your product pricing across all sales channels, including Amazon, eBay, Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce and more.


Reprice faster than your competitors with instant repricing. Repricer reacts immediately to competitor price changes, so you can beat them to the Buy Box.


Understand and beat Amazon Buy Box competitors

Spy on your top 10 rivals

See which products competitors are beating you on, the seller’s fulfillment methods and the average selling price.

Take quick action

With all the relevant information at hand, you can choose to individually target your biggest competitors with a single click. Choose to price against them based on fulfillment, stock levels and more.

Buy Box winners

See who is beating you to the Buy Box and take action to increase your sales.

Price movement

Make smart repricing decisions based on the price and sales history of your products, along with the corresponding Buy Box winner for every SKU.


Compete on Amazon your way with flexible, targeted rules

Fulfilment method

Win the Buy Box with intelligent repricing rules that compete with competitors depending on whether they’re Prime, FBA, FBM or seller-fulfilled.

Individual sellers

Get super granular by targeting individual rival sellers with a tailored strategy.


Have 5-star seller metrics? Use them to target your rivals by their feedback count and score.

Stock levels

Price up when your rivals run out of stock. Adjust your strategy automatically when your inventory runs low.

When Buy Box winner

Increase your profits by incrementally raising your price when you own the Buy Box.

Last sale

Slow-moving inventory? Speed up your sales by setting rules based on your last sale date.

Out of bounds sellers

Ignore sellers who sell outside your minimum price bounds so that you avoid price wars and never sell at a loss.


Whether selling domestically or abroad, set Amazon repricing rules that take account of the competing seller location to ensure that you win the sale at the best price.

Optimized eBay repricing to win the 'Buy It Now' Box

Reprice eBay catalogue products instantly to win the "Buy it Now" Box

A search of catalogue items on eBay shows a single product instead of several listings. Repricer allows you to compete and win this “Buy it Now” Box just like it does on Amazon.
Choose how you target competitors based on their feedback, location, stock levels and more. You can target all, or specific competitors selling the same catalogue items on eBay (using Barcode, EAN or UPC to match products).

Replicate your Amazon prices onto your eBay listings

For non-catalog items, Repricer can mirror your Amazon prices onto your eBay listings. Copy the same price or add/reduce the Amazon price by a small % and automatically upload to eBay. 

ebay compatible application

Consistent multichannel pricing across Amazon, eBay and everywhere else you sell

Hassle-free, multichannel pricing

Simply connect your sales channels, select the Amazon marketplace whose prices you want to replicate, and you’ll have consistent multichannel pricing within minutes.

Automated, flexible pricing

Choose to sync some or all of your inventory, and Repricer will automatically update your pricing in real-time across channels.

Seamlessly integrated with everywhere you sell

Repricer allows you to connect and sync your pricing strategy across eBay, Magento, Walmart, Shopify, Mirakl, BigCommerce, Woocommerce, and more.

eBay pricing done right

Unlike some other eBay repricers on the market, Repricer’s multichannel pricing allows you to automatically alter both catalogue and non-catalogue items, saving you time and resources.


Everything you need to know about your business

Flag the underperformers

Our reports show which SKUs haven’t sold in the last 7 days, the last 25 days and flag normally high performing SKUs that haven’t sold in the last 24hrs.

See your biggest movers

See which SKUs had the biggest increases in sales, the ones that are making the most revenue and the most sales.

Inventory reports

See which products are out of stock and the top 25 products at risk of going out of stock.

Understand your pricing boundaries

See which prices are at their minimum or maximum and decide if you need to adjust.

Fulfillment methods

See at a glance which products are using which fulfillment methods and how they’re performing.

Everything you need to know about your business