Insight and guidance from our expert team

Bossing the Buy Box

Discover how we can help you win the Buy Box at the highest price and always sell at a profit – not a loss!

Mastering eBay Repricing

Here we discuss our various eBay Repricer features including our Competitor Repricing & Multichannel Replicator!

Levelling up your Repricing

We’ll introduce you to some of the more advanced features within Repricer and how you can use them to level up your repricing!

Sales-Based Repricing - Find the perfect price even when there is no competition

Take a look at our Sales Rules feature as we show you how you can adjust your inventory pricing based on your sales or orders. This is particularly useful if you are a private-label seller or don’t have any competition.

Automation: The secret weapon to maximize your Prime Day profits

In this exciting webinar Colin from Repricer and Jodi at eDesk come together to delve into the transformative potential of automation in maximizing Prime Day sales.

Mastering private-label repricing: Proven strategies to maximize brand sales

Join Cashel as we discuss how private-label sellers can use repricing to find the right price whilst also competing with sellers who sell similar products to maximize profits.

Mastering the Buy Box: 10 essential ways to win the Buy Box in 2024 & beyond

In this webinar, we discuss the 10 most important factors that can help you win the Buy Box more often to increase your sales and profits throughout 2024 and beyond.