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Net Margin Refresh​

Repricer’s Net Margin feature allows Repricer to calculate your Min/Max Prices for you based on your costs, fees, and desired margin. We’ll be adding new popularly requested features to Net Margin including, but not limited to VAT controls, overrides, and more hands-on calculations.

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FBA Small & Light Fees

One of our most requested features, Amazon now allows us to download your FBA Small and Light fees. We’ll integrate these fees into Repricer to allow you to better benefit from this fee data to see profitability and fine tune your use of our advanced Net Margin Calculator.

Cross ASIN Repricing

Do other sellers offer the same products as you on other ASINs? Do you need to reprice against sellers who are not listed on your ASIN? Cross ASIN Repricing is a powerful new feature coming soon to Repricer where you can specify specific alternative ASINs you want to reprice against and let us keep you competitive across them all.

Price War

Price War

This new Repricer feature will detect when your product enters a Price War and lets you know so you can take action. Coming with this update is a new Status, new Automation trigger and a brand new Amazon rule feature to take command of the Price War battlefield!

Rule Screen Refresh

Repricing Rules are at the heart of Repricer and we’re going to be giving the Rule Screen a full makeover. This won’t be a simple redesign but also include big improvements to how it works and give you tons more feedback on how your rules are performing. 

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Proactive Repricing

Repricer uses our latest AI algorithms to highlight and target products which need proactively repriced before your competitors change price. This under the hood Profit Protection feature will be a real game changer!

& Much, Much More!

And that’s not all! We also plan dozens of backend improvements, UI tweaks, smaller new features and a wealth of new in-app help.

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