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Buy Box winners Sell More

Way more - 85% of Amazon sales go to sellers who are in the Buy Box

When it comes to winning the Buy Box, Amazon's algorithm takes into consideration multiple factors, including price, fulfillment, feedback and inventory depth. Repricer.com takes the work out of pricing by offering you the flexibility to automatically adjust your prices based on these factors and hundreds more. Plus, we do it Faster than anyone else.

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Own the Amazon Buy Box

Beat the competition by repricing in under 90 seconds

The quicker you respond to changes in the market, the more time you'll win in the buy box. Repricer.com reacts to changes your competitors make in 90 seconds, so the moment one reprices or goes out of stock we react immediately to get you the buy box.

As an Amazon Web Services partner, repricer.com ensures that you won't be beaten on speed.


Make more profitable sales

Choose how much profit you want to make

upload costs

Upload product costs

Enter your costs and measure the net margin on your SKUs, or if you’re using linnworks you can sync it with repricer.com to do so automatically.

Margin badge

Decide profit margins

Enter your minimum and maximum product margins to guarantee you sell at a profit. We’ll maximise your profit when opportunities arise such as when competitors are out of stock or when you’re already the Buy Box winner.

low quality sellers

Exclude low quality sellers

If low quality sellers are pushing your price down you can ignore them and sell at higher profits. Select the retailers you want to ignore and we’ll ensure they don’t affect you price changes.

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Understand Which Sellers You Need To Beat!

Track your Buy Box Performance

We track every competitor price and tell you how often those prices move to keep you ahead of the game. See what percentage of your products overlap with each competitor and the products they are beating you to the buy box on. Then target them with a single click.

Evaluate different attributes like seller rating, pricing and fulfillment to get in the winning position more than your competitors.

Go beyond repricing with powerful business insights

Get actionable metrics at a glance

With repricer.com you get a complete picture of how your products are performing, including current price, Buy Box status, stock levels, last sale information and more.

Make data-driven business decisions with information on your top earners and sellers, and your most and least profitable skus.

Make better repricing decisions based on our projections on your inventory performance, the price and sales history of your products, along with the corresponding Buy Box winner for every SKU.

gold standard

Quick and easy setup

Reprice some or all of your inventory, set simple or complex rules and target your competitors. You can be set up and ready to win in minutes. If you need help our support team are here to guide you through the setup process.


Safe and secure

price fluctuation

Set price boundaries

Always sell at a price you are comfortable with. Set your minimum and maximum prices and we will stay within this range.

safeguard profits

Safeguard your profits

Our triple check safeguards ensure that you never sell below the minimum price you set. 
We guarantee it.

Amazon partner

Amazon Partner

As an official Amazon Web Services partner, our software is hosted by Amazon and ensures we respond instantly to price changes.

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The gold standard in repricing

The repricer.com difference

We’ve been repricing for nearly a decade for thousands 
of clients with anything from 200 to 2 million SKUs. Our Amazon hosted solution, consisting of a suite of over 100 powerful servers, is built to scale with your business.

At peak times, we handle 8,000 repricing events every second – that's over 20 Billion price changes on amazon in a single month. No other repricer comes close to that volume. And when it comes to repricing, horsepower really does matter. A queued price change is not a live price change!

gold standard
Repricer.com changed our business, not only increasing revenue more than 200%, but also giving us key data on how products are performing.
Before Repricer.com, I'd go in and price up popular skus manually every day, but it was impossible to monitor, so if competitors were low in stock we'd miss out on repricing up. Now we can do it automatically and our profits have increased
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