The Amazon Automate Alternative - Revamp Your Sales Strategy with the Ultimate Repricing Solution!

amazon automate alternative

The Amazon Automate Alternative - Revamp Your Sales Strategy with the Ultimate Repricing Solution!

amazon automate alternative

Boost your profits across all sales channels with lightning-fast automated repricing using the ultimate Amazon Automate alternative.

amazon automate alternative
"We have been using repricer for more than 4 years now and in our opinion it is one of the best solutions on the market for Amazon repricing."
Buy Box Chaser Feature

Beat Your Competitors to Win the Buy Box

Use our AI Buy Box Chaser to price your products more aggressively when you’re not in the Buy Box until you win it back.

Win the Buy Box & stay there

Retain The Buy Box & Maximize Your Profits

Our AI Buy Box Optimizer feature helps keep you in the Buy Box for longer & nudge your price up when you’re there so you can maximize profits.

repricer focuses on profits and competition
automate your repricing

Automate Your Repricing

Our built-in automations can change your repricing strategy automatically based on factors such as sales history, Buy Box performance, stock levels & a host of other criteria. 

Let us take care of your repricing strategy whilst you focus on other important areas of your business.

Net Margin Repricing

Net-Margin repricing is a favourite among many of our customers, and for good reason.

By utilizing cutting-edge AI technology, our software can automatically calculate and adjust the price based on a predetermined profit margin while factoring in fees, costs, and other variables, saving you from the tedious and time-consuming task of manually adjusting prices.

Net Margin Repricing on repricer
cross asin repricing

Cross ASIN Repricing

Do other sellers offer the same products as you on other ASINs?

Do you need to reprice against sellers who are not listed on your ASIN?

Cross ASIN Repricing is a powerful new feature where you can specify specific alternative ASINs you want to reprice against and let us keep you competitive across them all.

Sync Your Prices Across Everywhere You Sell

Multichannel selling? Finding it difficult to keep up with updating and maintaining your prices?

Not a problem with Repricer.

If you sell via a number of channels such as eBay, Walmart, your website and others – Repricer can magically keep everything in sync all from one place.

Sync Prices Across Everywhere You Sell
repricer experts

Free Dedicated Onboarding From Our Repricer Experts

Take the fear of price management away.

Book a session with your own dedicated onboarding account specialist to guide you through your setup step-by-step, and help you choose the right repricing strategies for your business.

They’ll stay with you for the first few months – providing training, insights & more.

Choose a repricer that allows you to increase your prices for maximum profitability - fully supported along the way