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Repricer.com reacts immediately to competitor price changes, so you can beat them to the Amazon Buy Box.

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Automate your Amazon repricing across all 21 marketplaces

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React fast to win and hold the Buy Box

Our unrivalled Amazon-hosted processing power means your price changes are done in seconds. So when a competitor changes price, runs out of stock, or ratings fall, Repricer recalculates and immediately uploads your new price based on your chosen strategy. Repricer typically perform 20 billion price changes on Amazon and eBay every month.

More Buy Boxes. More Sales. More Profits.

Whether you’ve fifty listings or five million, you can be assured that Repricer is constantly working on your behalf to ensure you get maximum Buy Box exposure at your optimal price.

24/7 Automation

Ensure you get more visibility, more Buy Box and more sales. Repricer monitors competitor price changes across your entire inventory and makes intelligent decisions on how to react. Prices are raised or lowered depending on a range of parameters including seller ratings, stock levels, location and many more.

Make more profit even when there is no competition

Repricer analyzes the variation in your sales across two distinct periods, and adapts to shifts in sales velocity. Opt to raise your prices when sales are booming, or lower them during slower periods. Tailor your repricing strategy based on your preferences: either focus on the money generated from your sales or the number of orders you receive. 

Actionable analytics that help you win even more

Repricer thinks outside the box to suggest where minor tweaks in your strategies can deliver more sales. Compete harder with a specific seller, on certain products, in certain jurisdictions, or with folks with higher ratings. Repricer can even help you improve your ratings – helping you to increase your prices against lowly rated competition.

Get going with Repricer in minutes

Basic Repricer setup can be achieved in less than 10 minutes. Reprice within a tight price range using simpler algorithms, then refine your strategy over time. Or start in safe mode – showing how prices might change, without actually publishing new prices.

Our onboarding is available to make sure you get the most from Repricer.

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14-day trial | No credit card required | Guided setup