Is It Safe?

Absolutely. Thousands of sellers trust Repricer each day to handle all of their price management.

Repricer is a member of the Amazon developer council – something only a small number of software providers are invited to.

We are fully compliant with all Amazon policies. In addition, we are members of eBay’s developer community – and a Google Partner.  We’ve been audited by Amazon, Google and others to ensure our quality and security.

Amazon Marketplace developer council

We have other factors which ensure seller safety also. Whenever you link your account to Repricer – we will never have full access to all of your information – just what Amazon/eBay have deemed necessary to enable us to do your price management. 

We also have a brilliant ‘Safe Mode’ feature – which many repricers don’t have. This allows sellers to ‘try’ repricing in complete safety.

We still check your competitor’s pricing – then we show you how we would change your price. We don’t just upload that price live to the marketplace, we want to show your repricer in full operation without any prices being affected.

Then, when happy – it’s a simple flick of a switch and you’re live!

Repricer will always reprice within the Minimum and Maximum prices you specify for each SKU.

On Amazon, you also have your own min and max (which we don’t update or change in any way) so you have an additional safety net to protect you even further.

We also have excellent ratings on the likes of Trustpilot, Capterra, Amazon Seller Central – check us out!

See our reviews page for some quotes from happy customers.