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Following the announcement of Amazon’s new marketplace, Amazon Belgium on 28th July 2022, sellers have been signing up to create and scale a successful business of their very own.

At, we want to create the greatest opportunity for sellers to increase sales and maximize their profits by optimizing their product prices to stay competitive and win the desired Buy Box.

So, following the announcement, the team here have been working hard behind the scenes and we can now declare that we have successfully integrated with Amazon Belgium.

Why sell on Amazon Belgium?

The Belgian eCommerce market has grew significantly year on year and as of 2021 it is now valued at 12 billion euros.

Up until the announcement, Belgian buyers had to purchase Amazon products from (France) and (Germany) which had total net sales worth over $340 million. This will more than likely now reflect within (Belgium) and so provides an excellent opportunity for sellers within this marketplace.

How repricing can get you the Amazon Buy Box

Repricing software allows eCommerce sellers to automatically raise or lower their prices to beat their competition to win this lucrative position.

There are thousands of price changes executed daily or during specified time periods and so you want to stay ahead or least keep up with the competition to stay competitive.

Along with adhering to Amazon’s high standards such as having fast shipping times, low defect order rates, positive reviews etc repricing your products can provide value to the customer. This proves to Amazon that you are a trusted seller and in prime position to win the Buy Box.

How to get started with

If you’re interested in repricing to develop a successful online business on Amazon Belgium, here are 5 easy steps to get you started!

Step 1: Sign up for a 14-day free trial

Step 2: Connect your channel

Step 3: Set your rule, floor and ceiling prices

Step 4: Begin repricing

Step 5: Sit back and watch the sales flow in!

Ronan White
Ronan White
SEO and content marketing executive at Repricer. Loves cycling, cinema, a few beers and all things outdoors.
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