Product Update – August 2022

product update August 2022

We’re now at the end of Q3 and getting ready for the busy eCommerce season of Q4. Here at Repricer, the team have been working hard to deliver the all-in-one repricing tool for our customers to enjoy.

Here is what we have been up to in August:


SP-API is a API-based automation functionality that allows Amazon selling partners programmatic access to critical features within Amazon. The development team are successfully working through the enormous amount of data to enable absolute functionality for our customers.

Plan Feature Changes

We released a few changes to our current plans:

Express Plan

  • Increased to 150 EPM’s (Events Per Minute)
  • 15-Minute Repricing (Originally 1-hour repricing)
  • Velocity Repricing included
  • eBay Repricing included
  • FTP Automated Imports
  • Chat Available

Plus Plan

  • Increased to 300 EPM’s (Events Per Minute)
  • Buy Box Optimiser included

Ultimate Plan

  • Increased to 600 EPM’s (Events Per Minute)
  • Access to Opportunities Report (released in October)

Extreme Plan

  • Increased to 2400 EPM’s (Events Per Minute)
  • Custom Development

In-App Welcome Messages

We have two new welcome messages for when new customers are logging into the dashboard for the 1st time. These messages aim to help guide the customer to enable them to easily begin repricing. Support links are also provided if they need a demo or more information about a certain feature within Repricer.

Help Videos Added to Help Menu

Repricer help videos

In the top right-hand corner of the screen, we have our Help Videos available where customers can gather greater knowledge from our helpful YouTube videos. This will help our customers to better understand their repricing tool and make it more useful to them.

Repricer Masterclass Series Released To All Customers

To further help our customers understand and use Repricer, we have released our Masterclass Series to all of our customers now. One email is sent to our customers each week for seven weeks explaining key features within Repricer with a step-by-step guide on how to use them.

Launching on YouTube Shorts & TikTok

We are now fully live on both YouTube Shorts and TikTok so make sure to check us out below!

repricer shorts

More Helpful Blog Content

We have a number of blog articles that provide helpful information on Repricer’s key features. Make sure to check these out!

kickstart repricer

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