Amazon Doubles Down on the Mattress Market

Having sold third-party mattresses on its site for years, Amazon has recently launched its own brand of premium and budget mattresses. This is set to eat into the market share of companies like Casper and individual sellers.

The mattress industry in the U.S. alone is worth approximately 16 billion USD, so it’s unsurprising that Amazon wants a piece of the action, as we have seen them do with other products and markets in the recent past.

Earlier this year, Amazon released two mattresses, one as part of its Amazon Basics range and the other branded as Rivet. The latest offering, Revel, came out in October.

Rivet Brand Logo-754603-editedAmazon’s Rivet brand has enjoyed success this year with an exceptional star rating

The timing couldn’t be better for Amazon, as the emergence of online retailers like Casper have already  accelerated the decline of the brick and mortar mattress outlets, essentially clearing a path for the tech giant to stamp it’s seal on the market.

There seems to be no end to Amazon’s growing portfolio of private-label goods at the moment. The buying power and brand appeal that they possess is a powerful combination, from a business point of view. Already they have products in the fashion, electronics and health and well-being categories, with more on the way.

206 Collective logo Stone&Beam Logo

Two of Amazon’s other private label brands

By leveraging the huge amount of consumer data that Amazon has accumulated, they are incredibly well-positioned to dabble in just about any market they like.

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Whilst Amazon is certainly not going to displace the big players, at least not immediately, it does undercut their prices, presenting customers with an attractive alternative. As ever, Amazon’s reputation for outstanding customer service plays into in a big way.

For independent sellers on the marketplace, this will come as a stark reminder that despite its reliance on third-party merchants, it really is Amazon’s world to do with as they see fit. is the fastest Amazon repricer available, reacting instantly to changes on the marketplace and helping you to win the Buy Box at the optimal price.  Start your free 14-day trial today!

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Gerard Adlum
Gerard Adlum
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