7 Best Amazon Product Research Tools for 2024

Amazon Product Research Tools

Finding profitable items to sell on Amazon is not like trying to find a needle in a haystack. There’s a certain process and method involved to arrive at a shortlist, using data, trends and other metrics. Repricer.com takes a look at the best Amazon product research tools you can use to start building your inventory.

1. SellerApp

SellerApp Product Research Tool

When you want a powerful all-in-one tool that goes the extra mile beyond plain product research, SellerApp is a name you should be looking more closely at. They have three different tiers of membership, but even the basic Pro-Lite bundle gets you a ton of baseline features like:

  • Product trends and research
  • Keyword research and tracking
  • Listing SEO
  • Index checker
  • PPC analyzer

You can use these features to analyze product data from several angles, from revenue and sales potential to competitor data tracking and intensity analysis. No matter which tier works best, test things out first with a free 7-day trial.

2. Jungle Scout

JungleScout product research tool

If you hear the name Jungle Scout thrown around all the time, it’s for good reason: they’re one of the top tools when it comes to Amazon product research. You can use it either as a web or Chrome extension to:

  • Research products by filtering through category, estimated sales, sales rank and more.
  • Narrow down a products list by mixing and matching filters (e.g. high competition with bad ratings).
  • Use the FBA profit calculator to factor in Amazon seller fees.
  • Export to a .CSV spreadsheet.
  • Broaden your product search to global Amazon marketplaces.

3. Helium 10

helium 10 product research tool

Helium 10 is another front-runner when it comes to offering the complete eCommerce platform. They offer an incredible product research tool that lets you drill down on data to find your first, or next, profitable product to sell. You can use this tool via both its web application and Chrome extension.

Helium 10’s famously named product research tool, Blackbox is where it’ll help you find products customised by the criteria you set.  

Firstly, choose which marketplace you wish to find products in and then set your criteria, such as:

  • Category or subcategory
  • Review count
  • Best Seller Rank (BSR)
  • Fulfillment 

These are only a few of the ways you can filter to find profitable products.

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4. AMZ Tracker

Maybe you’ve primarily thought of AMZ Trackers as a keyword research tool. And it’s true, they’re one of the top names in the business for that. But there’s so much that this tool can do when it comes to product research. The makers have targeted their app to both offensively and defensively master Amazon’s A9 search algorithm through a bit of a different approach.

  • Perform primary keyword research to ascertain which products are heavily searched for (and which terms are tops).
  • Cross-reference products by looking at conversion data to see where selling problem spots are.
  • Solidify your search by confirming product excellence through longtail keyword research, negative review alerts, competitor analysis and more.
  • Finish things off by constructing Amazon super URLs.

Learn more about Repricer:

5. KeywordInspector

You may have sensed a theme with keywords being an integral part of the product research process. And to that end, KeywordInspector can help you by:

  • Offering free tools for keyword suggestion generator and search terms editor (you need to register to use both).
  • Letting you perform reverse ASIN lookups for both search and history.
  • Showing trending keywords so you’re always on top of the most popular search terms and keywords.

They claim to have the most Amazon keywords in their database (more than half a billion and counting), with search results available for the US, UK, Germany, Canada, France, Italy, Mexico, India, Japan and Australia.

6. CamelCamelCamel and/or Keepa

CamelCamelCamel product research tool

These two tools are so similar, we’re including them in the same entry because the differences typically come down to user preference. But whether you’re keeping on with Keepa or camping out with CamelCamelCamel, you can expect top quality when it comes to things like:

  • Viewing detailed price history charts for more than 100 million Amazon products.
  • Being alerted about product availability and price drops.
  • Tracking products for Amazon marketplaces in multiple countries (11 for CamelCamelCamel, 12 for Keepa) so you can compare international prices.
  • Checking out trending and popular products.
  • Offering multiple browser extensions (Firefox and Chrome for CamelCamelCamel, while Keepa has those two as well as Edge and Opera).

7. Unicorn Smasher

How does a free product research tool sound? If you like that particular f-word, then Unicorn Smasher could be a good fit for you. One of its biggest distinguishing features is its straightforward simplicity, bypassing complicated spreadsheets in favour of targeted metrics that really matter. If you find it’s a really good fit, you can integrate with AMZ Tracker for a turbo-powered product research experience.

Final thoughts

No matter which tool you use and the inventory you settle on, you’ll need a fast Amazon repricer working alongside to ensure you always have the most competitive prices out there. And if you sell on other channels in addition to Amazon?

We’ve got you covered there, too, with repricing capability available across 21 Amazon marketplaces, eBay, Walmart, Shopify and more. Get a free 14-day  trial today and let us help you master the art of online repricing.

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