Product Update – May 2022

Repricer Product Update May 2022

At, we are continuously working behind the scenes on design and functionality to make a better and well-rounded repricing tool. Our commitment to developing the best repricing tool on the market never ends.

This article shows some of the recent developments we have made to allow our customers to continue to reprice effectively, stay competitive and ultimately win the desired Buy Box.

New Navigation

The team released Repricer’s new navigation. This has been given an updated appearance whilst making navigating around easier and more logical by grouping features.

Safe Mode for eBay

Safe Mode for eBay

The team released the popular Safe Mode feature for eBay accounts. This allows testing to be performed on eBay channels to reprice without uploading the actual price changes until you are ready.

Display eBay Repricing Event History

eBay Repricing

We released a new button and option to allow eBay users to see and explore their Repricing Events within Repricer.

New Repricing Features

Updated Repricing Features

New Pricing features have been released including:

  • If competitors below Min Scenario
  • If competitors match your Min scenario
  • Out of Stock to Max price
  • Sleep Mode

eBay API

The team released changes to the eBay API due to updates on eBays side which required a change over.

Backend Performance Updates

The team prepared a large number of backend performance improvements to make the application run smoother whilst also improving backend pricing processes.

Repricer Weekly Newsletter

The Repricer Newsletter was released giving our users a weekly insight into their Repricing Results and suggested opportunities to make better use of their account.

At we are continuously innovating and streamlining our features to allow our e-commerce sellers to remain competitive and improve their profit margins.

If you haven’t signed up yet, we have a 14-day free trial you can avail of which will provide a fantastic insight into how you can effectively reprice your products across your marketplaces.

Ronan White
Ronan White
SEO and content marketing executive at Repricer. Loves cycling, cinema, a few beers and all things outdoors.
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