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7 Ways To Use ChatGPT In Your Amazon Business

ways to use chatgpt in your amazon business

The whole World seems to be going crazy over AI technology and the endless possibilities that it can offer.

Chat GPT is an Artificial intelligence tool that has been blowing minds since November 2022. Not only is it incredibly powerful, but it’s completely free to use!

In this post, we’re going to cover how to use Chat GPT in your Amazon business, and how this AI tool can save you hours of time creating awesome content for your product listings, email responses, and market research.

What is ChatGPT?

According to Chat GPT, this is what Chat GPT is:

what is chatgpt

I then simplified my input to get a more ‘human’ response, and this is the output that Chat GPT came up with:

chatgpt in simple terms

I am quickly learning that your outputs from leveraging AI tools depend upon the quality of your inputs.

To get the desired result from Chat GPT, you must first provide clear and concise inputs or queries. You can also have fun with it to find its limitations:

ChatGPT in form of Mr T

How Can An AI Tool Like Chat GPT Help Amazon Sellers?

As an Amazon Seller, there are many ways that you can integrate Chat GPT into your business to grow your store and increase sales.

Using AI tools is a great way to get a lot of work done, fast.

Here are 7 ways to do this:

1 – Creating Content For Your Product Listing

The easiest way to use Chat GPT in your Amazon business is to create content for your product listings.

You create every aspect of your product listing using Chat GPT:

Product Title

create an optimized amazon product title

Product Bullet Points

create product bullet points using chatgpt

Product Description

create product description using chatgpt

Is Chat GPTs output perfect? – No

Would I use them on my own product listing? – Probably not

However, I would use these outputs as a great foundation alongside a keyword research tool, and make sure that I create a highly optimized Amazon product listing by placing my relevant keywords in the right places once Chat GPT has created the content.
I don’t believe that AI tools like Chat GPT are quite ready to replace manual keyword research for product listings just yet, but they’re great for creating the main body of content for your listing before optimizing for keywords.

2 – Simplifying and Improving Product Listing Copy

Writing product descriptions when you’re not a professional copywriter can be difficult.

Often, Amazon sellers’ product descriptions can be very ‘wordy’ and not make clear and concise points about the product they are trying to sell.

GPT Chat is excellent at simplifying paragraphs and organizing them more effectively than many humans can.

Copy and paste your current product description into the Chat GPT tool and see what outputs it provides.

3 – Creating Social Media Ad Copy

Driving external traffic to your product listings from paid ads on social media can be a great alternative to running PPC ads on the Amazon platform.

But creating ad copy that converts is a skill that not many entrepreneurs have mastered.

Chat GPT can be a great solution for creating short-form marketing copy that is great on social media platforms like Facebook and TikTok.

create social media ads for product using chatgpt

With a professional photo or video of the Garlic Press, I think this ad copy would be a very good start to running a successful ad campaign on social media.

4 – Create Customer Email Follow Up Scripts

Following up with your Amazon customers is a great way to offer an extra level of customer service.

Not only do email follow-ups with customers reduce negative review rates, but it also increases *positive reviews, which helps your product listing rank higher in your keyword search terms.

*You’re no longer allowed to ask your customers for a positive review, however, you can ask for feedback if the customer is satisfied with their purchase.

I asked Chat GPT to create a follow-up script for my Amazon customers and this was the result:

create a follow up email to customers using chatgpt

5 – Product Research

Product bundles are a fantastic way to increase your customer value, and create more revenue for your Amazon business!

Product bundles are the feature you often see on a seller’s Amazon product listing where you’ll see single items sold together, usually at a discounted price compared to purchasing each item individually.

They look like this:

amazon product bundles

If you are looking to scale your Amazon business, it’s a great idea to sell products in the same category as the one you are currently selling in. It’s also important from a branding standpoint to do this too.

If you are stuck for ideas for great products that will complement the ones that you have, ask Chat GPT to provide you with some answers!

It’s important to then run the product ideas that Chat GPT gives you through some market research processes to make sure it’s a viable product, but doing this will certainly speed the process up.

6 – Creating A Brand Story

A brand story is a narrative that communicates a company’s mission, sparks emotion, and builds customers’ trust.

If customers like the reason you are in business, they are much more likely to buy from you again and again.

There are 3 ‘P’s to creating a solid brand story, and they are:

  • Purpose
  • Promise
  • and Personality

You will know your brand story better than anybody else, but perhaps you struggle to write it down in a compelling way.

Ask Chat GPT to create it for you!

The inputs for this would need to include some detail about your business and provide the backstory. I would recommend telling Chat GPT your 3 ‘P’s, and describe your business’s core values, and then seeing what happens!
Remember – the better your inputs are for the AI tool, the greater the outputs will be!

7 – Customer Service Emails

Chat GPT isn’t human, therefore the AI tool cannot be triggered by rude emails from customers that would generate an unprofessional response.

We’ve all that one customer that really rattled our cage!

Chat GPT on the other hand is impossible to offend.

Using Chat GPT to create calm and professional responses to tricky customers is a fantastic way to maintain your business’s positive reputation and handle tough situations in a positive way.

Here is an example of this:

create a customer service email using chatgpt

Here Is Chat GPTs Conclusion Of This Blog Post:

I asked Chat GPT to create a conclusion of all of the above, just to test its capabilities:

My Input:

Please provide a friendly, informative conclusion of the main points mentioned in the above article

Chat GPTs Output:

This article has outlined seven ways that you can use Chat GPT to increase efficiency, improve customer service and maximize your Amazon business. From creating ad copy to writing brand stories, Chat GPT is a powerful tool that helps you save time and money while also increasing the quality of your work. With its artificial intelligence capabilities, it can assist with complex tasks like market research and product bundling. Don’t hesitate to give Chat GPT a try today! Your business will thank you for it.

Thanks for reading!

My Conclusion

I conclude that Chat GPT is a fantastic resource for Amazon Sellers to speed up productivity and content creation in all aspects of running an Amazon Store.

If sellers were going to use Chat GPT to create the content for their product listing, I would highly recommend taking the AI tool’s outputs, and editing them so that the most relevant keywords for the product are properly placed and optimized to help with rankings.

Using Chat GPT to create customer emails, follow-up email scripts, and brand stories will not only save hours of time but will do a fantastic job too.

If you’re not using Chat GPT or any other Open AI tools in your Amazon Business yet, why not?

Guest Post by Craig Adam, an ex-construction worker turned multiple 6 figure eCommerce seller. Founder of craig-adam.com writing about eCommerce, Amazon FBA, Entrepreneurship, and Torfx.

Craig Adam
Craig Adam
An ex-construction worker turned multiple 6 figure eCommerce seller.
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