Product Update – May 2023

product update may 2023

We’re over halfway through Q2 and our dedicated team at Repricer has been diligently working to enhance our repricing tool and cater to all your repricing needs. Our efforts over the past few months have resulted in the development of a comprehensive and more refined tool.

During this period, we have introduced an array of exciting features, focusing not only on improving the backend functionality but also incorporating highly requested tools that empower our valued customers.

Curious about our progress? Let’s delve into what we have accomplished thus far.

Sales Repricing – Ideal For Private Label Sellers

Sales Rules hero design

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest feature, Sales Rules Repricing, available to all our valued customers. This innovative addition empowers our users to dynamically adjust their prices based on sales volume and order metrics. With this powerful tool, customers can strategically align their pricing strategy by closely monitoring changes in sales velocity and targeting specific sales objectives. They have the flexibility to raise prices during periods of high sales and optimize profitability, or lower prices when sales momentum slows down, attracting more customers and boosting conversion rates.

Refreshed Product Sidebar

repricer product sidebar

We wanted to enhance our user experience so we decided to revamp our product sidebar while ensuring that all essential information remains prominently displayed for each product.

With the updated design, our customers can effortlessly locate vital details, conveniently organized into distinct sections such as Listing Information, Listing Status, Repricing Rules and Prices. This user-friendly approach enables swift access to the specific information they seek, allowing for a seamless and efficient browsing experience.

Additional Net Margin Features

new net margin features

Our Net Margin tab now encompasses a plethora of exciting features. Now, customers have the freedom to personalize their VAT calculation, conveniently access small and light fees, and enjoy the flexibility of toggling fee downloads at both the product and channel levels. This comprehensive tool empowers users to optimize their net margin, providing them with greater control and a seamless experience.

Included Lowest Priced Items on the Dashboard

lowest priced on dashboard

This gives our customers a clear overview of how many of their products are currently at their lowest price.

We Launched ‘The Ultimate Guide to Repricing’ eBook

ultimate guide to repricing ebook

We launched our brand new ‘Ultimate Guide to Repricing’ eBook. This contains everything you need to know and understand about repricing and how it can be incredibly beneficial to your online business.

Grab your FREE copy here.

We Released Our New Repricing Sales Case Study

repricer case study results

We set out to create a game-changing case study that highlights the remarkable success achieved by our customers who utilized our repricing tool. The results speak for themselves: an astounding 143% increase in Amazon sales over a span of just 30 weeks.

In today’s fiercely competitive environment, repricing has become an indispensable strategy for Amazon sellers. Our case study serves as a testament to the vital role repricing plays in maximizing sales, staying ahead of the competition, and ultimately achieving unprecedented growth.

Take a look at our full case study here.

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What’s Next?

Rule Screen Refresh

This new update introduces a visually revamped and intuitively designed tabulated interface, providing our customers with an enhanced repricing experience. The new tabulated design will offer improved readability and easier navigation, allowing users to quickly access and manage their repricing rules with utmost convenience.

Alongside the refreshed tabulated layout, we will be introducing a dynamic mini dashboard specifically tailored for standard repricing rules. This mini dashboard will provide users with an at-a-glance overview of essential repricing metrics, empowering them to make informed decisions swiftly. From monitoring price changes to tracking Buy Box performance, the mini dashboard will equip sellers with valuable insights in a concise and user-friendly format.

As part of the Rule Screen refresh, we are also introducing sales and Buy Box history charts. These interactive charts will provide a comprehensive visual representation of sales trends and Buy Box ownership over time. Users can effortlessly analyze historical data, identify patterns, and gain valuable insights into the impact of their repricing strategies on sales performance and Buy Box dominance.

Proactive Repricer

With our proactive repricer, it will take the initiative to automatically reprice a product if it hasn’t been repriced recently, ensuring that our customers never miss an opportunity to stay competitive. By proactively monitoring and adjusting prices, this feature guarantees that products are always optimized for maximum sales and profitability.

Cross-ASIN Repricing

We are excited to announce the upcoming release of our highly anticipated Cross-ASIN Repricer. This cutting-edge feature will empower sellers with the ability to strategically reprice their products against not just one, but up to five alternative ASINs. Rest assured, Repricer has got you covered in this situation where multiple sellers offer the same or similar products as you but on different ASINs.  

By leveraging this advanced repricing capability, sellers gain a competitive edge, resulting in increased sales and improved profits. 

Stay tuned for all this to come!

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