The Biggest Amazon Sellers in the World

Ever wondered who the biggest Amazon sellers in the world are?

One way to find out is by comparing the volume of feedback they receive over the course of the last 12 months. Although as feedback isn’t a direct measure of success, it’s a good indicator of sales volume.

Amazon says that most sellers receive feedback on 10% – 20% of their sales, so the number of units sold is likely to be between 5x to 10x more than the feedback count that a seller has. However, these figures can vary by region and by product category, with certain technology products potentially requiring more support.

There are other factors that can determine how much feedback sellers receive too. Some sellers might use the surprise and delight technique, provide excellent customer service or use feedback software to maximize reviews.

While these methods do get results, feedback is still the best comparative indicator of the size of Amazon sellers from around the world.

The 10 biggest sellers on Amazon

#Marketplace / Store name Total Feedback 12-month feedback % Positive
1germany flag MEDIMOPS 6,300,372 370,209 95
2 Cloudtail India 1,286,940 216,037 91
3 musicMagpie 6,753,620 210,300 97
4 Appario Retail Pri… 283,075 150,771 89
5french flag momax fr 1,182,333 142,252 93
6US flag Pharmapacks 957,756 139,467 92
7british flag World of Books Ltd 2,119,679 126,944 94
8german flag reBuy eCommerce G… 1,558,641 115,194 96
9japan flag バリューブックス… 835,178 86,595 98
10german flag Amazon Warehouse 1,994,030 81,910 87

While a good portion of the overall list is European or Asian, here is a further list of the top American sellers:

The top 10 Amazon sellers in the USA

#Marketplace Total Feedback12-month feedback% Positive
1US flag Pharmapacks957,756139,46792
2US flag AnkerDirect897,01579,97398
3US flag 6PM338,63367,24897
4US flag Zappos212,19365,70198
5US flag Decluttr Store618,16261,65796
6US flag Utopia Deals361,56056,27597
7US flag Asurion, LLC250,21053,03392
8US flag Spigen Inc479,87249,66398
9US flag iServe171,27648,13598
10US flag EPFamily Direct131,39448,85996

Wondering which are the top Amazon marketplaces overall? These are marketplaces that have the most sellers in the top 1,000.

Marketplaces that have the most sellers in the top 1000

#Marketplace Number of sellers in the top 1000Total Feedback
1US flag5126,519,674
2british flag2212,524,015
3german flag1101,679,353
4french flag45859,147
5japan flag42693,368
6Italy flag30483,151
7Canada flag19399,701
8India flag10475,960
9Spain flag7339,516
10Mexico flag362,646

View the full report from Web Retailer here.

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