Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC): Is It Right for Your Page?

Amazon EBC

Selling on Amazon can be tough sometimes because there are so many merchants on there, all trying to do the same thing you are: woo customers into being buyers and increase your profit margin while your competitors decrease theirs. To that end, Amazon Enhanced Brand Content can help your page stand out, but only if done right. can help you get on the other side of the success fence.

What is Amazon Enhanced Brand Content?

In 2016, Amazon introduced a new premium content feature called Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), which allowed brand-registered sellers to jazz up their product pages with enhanced images and text placements. You might come across something called A+ Content, which is the same thing.

When done correctly, EBC on product pages can help increase traffic, conversion rates and sales by giving the buyer extra information they need to make an educated purchasing decision. For example, you can arrange images and text into different blocks to draw the user’s eye to key points, helping differentiate your listing by adding a personal and creative touch.

Criteria for Adding EBC to Your Pages

The most important criterion is that you’re a brand-registered seller, which means your brand has a registered trademark attached to it. If you haven’t registered your brand, you need to do so first to have the feature activated on your page. It’s fairly easy to do so, but make sure your desired trademark is first available and second doesn’t sound too similar to existing trademarks.

That’s it.

You don’t need anything else to get going except having a registered trademark for your brand. Once you get that, you can add it to your pages. Currently, the feature is free, but that’ll likely change in the future and Amazon could start charging users for it.

Once you decided on a template and customize it to your liking, you’ll be able to submit it to Amazon for approval. They give sellers a window of 7 days from the time of submission to let them know if the EBC has been approved or rejected (but most cases are turned around within 2 days).

However, you can only have a maximum of 20 pending submissions at any given time, so plot out your work and stagger it carefully. As well, Amazon isn’t allowing EBC in the categories of Books, Digital Products and Multimedia, so don’t waste time clicking around trying to add EBC to pages in those categories.

Lastly, there are a few more criteria for having EBC successfully added to your pages, so remember these points before submitting your page.

  • No external links outside of Amazon, such as linking back to your personal store, and you can’t mention your company as a seller or distributor or even provide any company contact information. Keep it strictly about the product.
  • No guarantees allowed, like promising buyers clothes will never fade or tear. You should also omit everything that references price, promotions and shipping information.
  • That earlier bit about keeping the EBC strictly about the product? That also extends to writing anything about customer reviews or using quotes from external sources (e.g. publications, shows, articles, etc.).
  • Images must be hi-res and any lifestyle images need to show the product. When you’re selecting images, make sure that the child images don’t have any duplicated content found in the main image block on the detail page.
  • No HTML can be added to the EBC content.
  • You can’t add content that looks like an imitation of Amazon’s logo, or any other trademarked content for that matter.
  • The content should be free of spelling and grammar errors; further, use bolding or italics sparingly, only drawing attention to select words or phrases.

Once you’ve got all that down, it’s time to pick a template and start adding to it and customizing it. You’ll start off with 5 templates, each of which perform a slightly different function.

Rose has space for a brand logo, product description, 2 header images and product features. Sunflower and Lilly are the same, except the modules are arranged differently. That leaves Tulip and Orchid, which have space for one fewer header image, with the rest of the modules in different places on each template. And you can always create your own custom template, but we recommend starting with one of Amazon’s first until you master EBC.

Biggest Benefits of Amazon EBC on Product Pages

For a free feature, it’s hard to think of any drawbacks because, either way, you’ll be left no worse off than you started; your page can only get better and more informative (assuming you do everything correctly!)

When buyers come across pages with snappy EBC, bounce rates tend to drop because users are interested in the content and stay on the page longer. And why wouldn’t they? The page has better images and text blocks that tend to increase user engagement.

A page with good EBC also helps solidify your brand and its meaning by adding value and trust to your product. Brand loyalty is only ever a good thing, and EBC can help you get there. And if you run pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, the return on investment (ROI) tends to go up, too.

But wait, the good news doesn’t stop there! With a thoughtfully-done EBC page, because you’re giving more information and building more trust, you should also notice fewer returns and negative reviews. This is because you’re giving buyers a much more accurate depiction of your product, helping them make more fully-informed decisions than they could with a regular product page. When buyers know what they’re getting, the chances of them being surprised in a bad way go way down.

Tips on Producing Great EBC

When you’re creating your EBC, keep these tips in mind:

  • Whatever fonts and colours you use in your brand, echo them with your EBC to maintain consistency across the board.
  • Journey your content by arranging it left to right, top to bottom, as that’s how English is read.
  • Match text blocks with their relevant images so each directly relate to each other.

Final Thoughts

When your EBC is approved and live, don’t forget about repricing your products to help convince buyers of the final decision to purchase with you. But to do that, you’ll need to do all the heavy lifting for you. While you’re busy crafting strategies in other areas to boost sales, we’ll run in the background, implementing your pricing rules around the clock so you never lose out on a potential sale. It only works if you use it, though, so sign up right now and we’ll start you off with free trial. is the fastest Amazon repricer on the market and a proud member of Amazon’s Marketplace Developer Council. Try repricing free for 14 days and increase your profits on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopify and more.

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