How to Write the Perfect Amazon Product Description

Amazon Product Description

Did you know that one in five online shoppers fail to complete a purchase because of insufficient or unclear product information? Perfecting your Amazon product description is vital to boosting sales.

The importance of the Amazon product description

Research by Nielsen Norman highlights that inadequate product information causes two big problems for sellers. Firstly, some shoppers don’t convert. And secondly, many shoppers who converted were unhappy with the product when it arrived.

Both these scenarios spell trouble for Amazon sellers who want to maximize sales and positive feedback, while also minimizing returns and negative reviews.

Online shoppers can’t feel a product or read its packaging, so your product descriptions need to be informative. Think of it as your first opportunity to provide top-class customer service.

The importance of Amazon product description
The Amazon product description is an opportunity for you to bring the benefits of your product to life.

Every great Amazon product description is an asset to your business, that can set you apart from competitors, drive conversions and improve the visibility of your listings.

On the other hand, descriptions which are poorly written or rushed will convert less and create an underwhelming customer experience.

In extreme cases, product descriptions that don’t meet Amazon’s standards may be removed or suppressed. It’s important, therefore, to invest time and energy into creating high quality, well structured, customer-focused descriptions.

Write Amazon product descriptions for search results and sales

Amazon product descriptions are essential for driving sales, but they also help your listings show up at the top of search results.

Sellers need to prepare each Amazon product description with both humans and algorithms in mind. Here’s how!

1. Know your target audience

Before choosing items to sell, you probably conducted extensive product research. That will come in handy when writing an Amazon product description.

If you know all about the people you’re targeting, you can speak to them clearly and relate to their needs. So understand your audience’s wants, pain points and expectations. This way you can write a description which overcomes any barriers to conversion.

Diverse audience
The more you know about your audience and why they might be interested in your product, the easier it is to write a compelling Amazon product description.

2. Study competitors

The information provided by the manufacturer is only a starting point for your Amazon product description. You’ll also need to learn about each product’s applications and the problem it solves for your users.

To do this, you should look at competitor feedback and Q&As to identify what kind of product information buyers look for. In the below Q&A for a Nike backpack, Amazon shoppers want to know more about size, uses, washing instructions and the number of pockets.

Q&A with customers

You can also look at reviews on YouTube and other websites to see what products features people are particularly excited about. This will inform what information to prioritize in your listings.

3. Do some keyword research

People often use different phrases to search for the same thing. So conducting Amazon keyword research will provide insight into the most common words used to find your product.

Choosing keywords which are relevant to your item and also have a sizable search volume allows you to connect with more consumers. Weave keywords throughout your Amazon product description to improve your chances of appearing in the results for these terms.

But be sure to choose phrases directly related to your product. Otherwise, users won’t convert and this will eventually hurt your rankings. You should also avoid very broad keywords as competition for these is extremely stiff.

Use free Amazon seller tools like Amazon Keyword Tool, SellerApp’s search tool and Sonar to find the best keywords for your product. Alternatively, you can use free tools like UberSuggest or Google Keyword Planner.

How to write an Amazon product description that converts

With the height, weight, color, material and other product specifications provided by the manufacturer, it is up to sellers to highlight a product’s most attractive features, benefits and uses. There are three parts to every Amazon product description – or three chances to convince shoppers to convert.

1. Get the title right

Your title provides an introduction to your product. You need to attract attention and encourage shoppers to click through. Ask yourself: ‘What will appeal to my target audience?’

Here, you’ll need to feature crucial details. Clothing might include a gender or size, while appliances might include a model number. Then, consider what other features might entice clicks. You should also include up to two keywords within the title, with one close to the beginning.

Depending on the category your product is in, 150-200 characters are allowed, so be succinct. Go overboard and you’ll end up with a suppressed listing. You can find out the character limit for your products by checking the relevant category template.

Amazon product description example

2. Nail the bullet points

At the top of each product page, users will see a list of bullet points. Here, sellers need to expand on their title by listing more specifications and features, as well as product benefits and uses.

Provide specific information that will help users make a decision. While you should avoid fluff, you can engage readers through descriptive language which appeals to their senses. Let them know exactly what the product is like and how it can fit into their life.

Where possible, include a keyword in each bullet point. You should also list your most important bullet points first, as some of them may be cut off on mobile devices.

3. Create compelling copy in the main body

This is an overall summary of your product. Here, you can delve into more detail and answer the buyer questions you came across during your research.

Don’t leave this section bare because sometimes it will appear above bullet points on mobile – like in the example below.

Amazon product description example on mobile

But don’t just copy and paste your bullet points either, because users who read this section are often looking for more information. You have around 250 words to explain to users why your product is great, giving them the confidence to buy it.

When writing your Amazon product description, get excited and let some personality shine through. If you want to take a storytelling approach, set up a common problem and then show how your product solves it. Use vivid descriptions and allow people to imagine themselves using your product. Cover all the key information and include your keywords.

You should also be honest. Don’t try to hide limitations as this will only lead to negative feedback.

What not to include in your Amazon product description

To ensure your Amazon product description succeeds, don’t include:

  • The price – there’s a specific section for this
  • Contact information, URLs or your seller ID
  • Too many keywords
  • Any time-sensitive information
  • Cross-promotions
  • Reviews, testimonials or requests for feedback

Amazon also advises sellers not to overuse capital letters or overly promotional language.

Some examples of great Amazon product descriptions

To help inspire your product descriptions, let’s take a look at five great examples from popular sellers.

Cahartt Product description title example

Carhartt’s store front shows a range of products with succinct, but informative, titles. They include the brand name, fit and a brief description. Alongside the accompanying images, they provide plenty of reasons for users to click through.

Dyson Amazon listing example

Dyson’s first bullet point gives shoppers plenty of reason to convert with seven simple words. With twice the suction of any cordless vacuum, why would you go to a different listing?

These bullet points for a set of wall shelves use descriptive words like ‘durable’ and ‘beautiful’ to paint a picture of the product. But it also includes vital details like dimensions, materials, uses and what exactly is included.

Another Amazon product description example

Perfume can be tricky to describe, but this listing does a great job with just a couple of sentences. It vividly illustrates the product’s use and smell making up for their lack of in-store experience. Then, with its target audience in mind, it details the spray’s ingredients.

Technical product description example

Looking at a more technical example, this description clearly explains why users should choose this product. The first sentence explains the filter’s biggest benefit, then the rest of the paragraph highlights why this product is better than others on the market.

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